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Color Picker Pro

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Github Browser

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Coming soon for your iPad! Follow the development on Github.

Food Reminder

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Finally an app you can use to remember expiration dates of products.

Tired of forgetting the expiration date of every food in your fridge and wasting the food you bought? Sick of trying to remember all the expiration dates without aid? If so, we think you'll like this simple but useful application.

Food Reminder is a basic application for all you family. It's easy to use, and it'll make a big difference in your kitchen and wallet!

Available on the AppStore

Color Picker Pro

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Imagine if you'd just have that great idea that would change everything in your life.

We wanted to solve a problem, and solve it really well.

Introducing Green Board Pro, the iPhone and iPad application that makes it easier for you to track your ideas or everything you want.

Keet track of ideas, to do lists, and all the stuff that goes through your mind with this simple to use app.


  • Keep track of nested lists. No limits.
  • Send your ideas via email.
  • Multiple themes, so you can choose the interface that you like the most.

Available on the AppStore


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  • Rubyxp

Rubyxp.com is a simple web app for testing Ruby regular expressions directly on the browser.


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